Fat Loss Graph Jan-August 2011

Fat Loss Graph Jan 2011 to Aug 2011

Fat Loss Graph from Jan 2011 to Aug 2011


Final week of 14 week burn the fat challenge

The final week is here of Burn the Fat summer challenge, an essay to write and pictures to take, and then new targets to set :-)


Final week of the burn the fat challenge thoughts

Final body transformation week of 14 weeks, my goal has been mainly fat loss which I definitely have achieved with a small lean mass increase also.

Its been a physical and mental challenge and everyone who has stayed on Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat challenge is a winner.

The charts and pictures in my posts in previous weeks tell part of the story but not all of it.

I have concentrated on diet more than ever before on training programs and it has really made a difference for me.

I tend to choose natural healthy less processed foods now and don’t crave processed food, my taste buds seem to have improved too.

I do still enjoy a meal out and have cheat meals as a treat but have cut down drastically on highly processed food, its just too easy a way to add calories and if its not fat its sugar to help the taste all packaged up ready.

I will post a copy of my final before and after pics as a next blog with my new targets up to Dec 2011 :-) Rob


Body Fat Progress for July

Body Fat Progress has been consistent and 10% body fat according to the calipers, feels like some muscle loss maybe although measurements say not.

Half way through the Burn the Fat Summer Competition, 7 weeks to go. I would like to be a definite less than 10% and maybe with some more increased muscle mass by then and, the final photos.

Check out the system I am using here


Fat Loss Progress Jan-July 9th

Fat Loss Progress

Time series from Jan 2011 to July 9th 2011

I have tried various fat loss and muscle gain systems, bits of kit etc, over the years and some of them all do something but the system thats seems the most sensible, fast (but not overnight !) and comprehensive is this one and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about body transformation and fat loss :-


June Fat Loss Progress Chart

Fat Loss Progress
-Chart June

Fat Loss Progress Chart

This week a bit more fat lost , calipers have me at 6.5 mm, 12%, Scales @ 165 lbs.
Saving a big celebration for the illusive 10% !

Diet has been enjoyable and I just don’t eat bread anymore, and dont crave it either. Breakfast is always Oats and Egg Whites and some fruit.

I try to eat my correct protein levels spread throughout the day as smaller meals although sometimes its difficult just to eat it, I find personally protein suppresses my appetite tremendously, should not complain really.

My diet change has had a profound effect on fat loss progress and although I train regularly using resistance work and cardio from walking, jogging and skipping, which has helped my fitness and physique, I think most of my progress can be attributed to a healthy diet and creating a steady calorific deficit.

Check out my recent article for more in depth thoughts on this – Exercises To Lose Weight – In the Gym and the Kitchen
By Rob Wilkins

The book I have been following which has helped me more than just about any resource ever can be found at this site and I really recommend it to anyone serious about body transformation:-

Enjoy your training :-)


Fat Loss : June Progress

Progress seems steady although has slowed down a bit and I have not been so reserved this week on beers :-) !

The calipers put my skin fold measurement between 7 and 8 mm so I estimate 12.5% Body Fat, small LBM increase of .5lbs and Fat Loss of 1lb. Maybe a picture later if my cameras working :-)


Fat Loss top burner week

Another week of Fat Loss lays ahead and I am going to make it a real burner, surely a bit more sun this week also for some running, you can only skip on the spot for so long :-)


Mid June Progress – 13% Body Fat

The Burn The Fat Summer Challenge is certainly giving me that extra motivation !

My body fat calipers decalre 1mm loss of Fat and the scales show an increase of Lean Body Mass of 2 pounds. Will be a better average next update but I am certain the calipers are correct so its fat loss regardless :-)

Another photo next update I think, hopefully more fat lost, the time is flying :-)


End May Fat Loss Progress Chart

The graph says it all (Click to see Chart) ! :-)

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